Russell Peters

A few days back my roommates showed me a video. It was a 45 minute show by this Indian called Russell Peters. He is an Indian and a stand-up comedian. This is what a website had to say about Russell

Gemini award winning Canadian comic Russell Peters is known for a cheeky brand of comedy, that is rude and laddishness without being offensive to the females in the audience. With Asian roots, Russell explores attitudes towards race in a way that is fresh, surprising and hard-hitting. At times controversial, Russell combines his observations with a likeable stage persona and a cheeky grin.

I warn you, this show is not for
1. People who cannot take jokes about race
2. People who don’t have 45 minutes to spare.

But if you don’t fall into either category, you will surely enjoy this.

EDIT: I had to take down these videos since someone complained that this was copyrighted material.

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