A Man Page Viewer

If you are a true programmer, then at some point of time you surely would have employed the services of the command ‘man’ on your shell prompt on unix. the output produced by man is great and the help is excellent, but somehow I always felt that the interface was lacking. Today I was browsing MacOSXHints and I came across this free tool called Bwana. Quoting from the developer’s website

Bwana is a manual page viewer for your browser. It parses man pages in real time to provide the most up to date pages in an easy to read format. The pages have links to other man pages, http and email references–the way man pages should have been from the start.

I tried it out, works perfectly and you can display the output on the browser of your choice. Sweet stuff. Also in case you are curious, Bwana means ‘Mr.’ or ‘Sir’ in Swahili.

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