Internet Explorer Woes

I have been following the rise of Mozilla Firefox aka Firebird aka Phoenix right from its humble 0.3 release. I have installed nigtlies and used to post quite often in those forums under the pseudonym pearljam145. Firefox has reached the 1.0 PR and has become a force to reckon. On the flip side of the coin, Microsoft just announced that they would no longer update Internet Explorer for older versions of their operating system. I somehow feel that this just isn’t fair, considering the fact that Windows 2000 alone is used by 17.5% of the world’s computer users. Now when you multiply 17.5 by all the computer users in the worls, you come up with a huge number. Upgrading to XP really isn’t an option in many cases, since the high price make it quite unaffordable for a large portion of the public. Now I don’t understand why MS can’t provide the upgrades or rather bug fixes for their browser. They claim that IE is an integral part of their operating system, but this really can’t be true, and if it is then I would call it bad design. I know people who have multiple versions of IE running on their computer, so it is possible to have standalone versions of the browser. Anyway, now onwards, even though it might not make too much of a difference, I will whole heartedly support Firefox. I have managed to convert a few people myself, and I will continue to do so in the future. Go Firefox!

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