My Bluetooth Headset

After putting a lot of thought into it, I went ahead and purchased a bluetooth headset. Made by Logitech, this headset is touted to use what they called Windstop. They use signal processing to cut out the background noise from wind and other sources. I am happy to say that it works pretty well. I was walking down University Drive the other day and talking to my friend, and she was not able to detect that

1. I was on a headset
2. I was actually on a very noisy road.

So I think that is a 46 bucks well spent. Off late I have been using Skype to speak to my folks at home. Since my laptop has bluetooth, this headset is a perfect addition to the gizmo family. I am a happy man ;). In other related news, I succesfully completed Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Great game, had an amazing time playing it. I think I will play it next at the toughest level. Highly recommended!

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