A promise not kept

Yeah turns out I was not able to stick to my word. My blogging has been so inconsistent. Well I will blame it on work and too much work.

Anyway updates are – I am now the proud owner of the email address “e e e @a s u . e d u”. The spaces has been left for obvious reasons – spam. Well turns out that ASU doesn’t really value email address like the one I managed to obtain :D. Man, imagine being able to say that I own that email address. It almost sounds as if I am responsible for admission into the EE department at ASU.

I might end up going to sunny Miami, Florida this summer. A welcome respite from the Phoenix heat. A lot of snorkelling and swimming. However don’t think I care too much for tanning, since I already have a natural suntan.

Anil and I were checking out laptops recently. It seriously seems that none of the stores have a good value for money. If the laptops are small they are too expensive, else they look huge and ugly. EMachines has just launched its new line of laptops and they do look sweet. Imagine a 64 bit AMD 3200+ on ur lap. Man that would rock. And they FINALLY upgraded the goddamn video card. A relief to some. Anyway more later.

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