It’s been a while

Sheesh, I really need to write my blog more often. Well it has been so long. So many things to do – I need to make some changes to my blog, especially to the colors. Not too fond of them. Shall do something about it soon enough. Well updates from my side are that I moved into a new apartment, setup a wireless connection to play games over the network and nothing else, and got my SVideo out to work. Hey for all you guys out there who own an emachines laptop and are unable to get your SVideo to work on your TV, go ahead and ask me. I managed to crack that tough nut after 5 hours of concentrated effort. Man was so thrilled to see video on my TV. Also I just got myself the 3 cd collection of Led Zep’s ‘How the West was won’. Pretty cool. Also bought a copy of ‘The Life of Pi’ and ‘The Da Vinci Code’. Need to read those books. Again like I said before shall do that too soon enough. If you do get a chance try out Mozilla Firefox (aka Firebird, Phoenix). The 0.8 release is out. Waiting for the 1.0. I have added a link to their product page here. Click away.

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