Well well well. I got myself an account in Gmail, thanks to blogger and Anil. Unfortunately couldn’t get vivek@gmail.com. Turns out they accept only usernames with a minimum of 6 characters. So I am stuck with vivekiyer@gmail.com. Not that I am complaining. Anyway was looking at Gmail. Cool options especially the 1 GB of space. But was kinda sad that they didn’t have any mechanism to import an addressbook in. I hope they add that in later. I am way too lazy to type my contact list all over.
There seems to be another worm on the loose. Crap, at this rate I will need to update my machine everyday. And I know you are gonna ask me why don’t I use that aup-update thing that XP ships with. Well there is this stupid driver update from AMD that refuses to get installed. So then XP keeps popping up a message box every 30 minutes reminding me to install that update. VERY irritating. So I got rid of that feature all together.
Been using the new beta version of Yahoo Messenger. Man pretty cool idea of integrating Yahoo Launch with the messenger. It convinced me into buying the Launch Cast Plus. Only 4 bucks a month. Definitely worth the buck.
Bought myself a new phone today. A TMobile Sidekick. If only it was running a better OS. I could have done something worthwhile with it. Actually what I was looking for was a phone that has both 802.11 b/g and GPRS. Turns out that the only one that is expected in the market soon is the Motorola MPX100. Though the phone does look great

Motorola MPX 100
, the problem is that it is not expected till later this year plus I am not brave enough to test a new Motorola product that is just out in the market. Somehow not too very fond of Motorola products. I feel their UI sucks big time. I guess by the same time next year there will be better products out in the market and I will have a better choice as far as smart phones go. So I will stick to the sidekick till then. But what I did wanna own was the Sony Ericsson P900. However they don’t seem to have a tie-up with any service provider yet, so the phone costs 700 bucks. Way beyond my league.
Anyway more later

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