Gizmo time!

I just got myself a whole lot of gizmos. Here is a small list

1. A powerbook G4 1.33 GHz 15 . I love this baby. Weighing in at 5.1 lbs including the battery, it is a piece of art. Yeah Hegde, I finaly did it. I sold my old laptop on eBay. Only sad part of the entire deal is that it set me back by a huge amount, and I still don’t have enough RAM. Just bought some yesterday. 120 bucks more. Man I am broke.

15-inch PowerBook G4

2. Since my powerbook comes with bluetooth built in, I decided to buy a Logitech bluetooth mouse . Thats the MX900. Good stuff. Now I have a remote control while watching movies. Works like a charm

Logitech MX900 Bluetooth Optical Mouse

3. The sidekick that I owned had way too many issues. I went through three of those. Believe it or not, one of those things refused to stop vibrating. It would start vibrating suddenly and wouldn’t stop till the battery died. Got sick of it. So I sold the fourth replacement I received on eBay and got a Sony Ericsson T610. It works out fine coz now I can control my Mac from my phone. Also I managed to dial out to the net via my phone. Was agonizingly slow, but come on something is better than nothing. Quite like the phone, though the camera is kinda pointless. Doesn’t serve any purpose at all

Sony Ericsson T610

4. Yeah there is more. I got a Canon Powershot S410. Awesome camera. Thanks to Anil for the recommendation. Been taking quite a few pictutes. Will post those online soon. Also got a 256 MB CF card to complement the camera. So now I am all set.

PowerShot S410

Whoosh, I think that was a big list. Also got myself this domain name. Thanks to the chaps at 1&1, I have it for a good price of 5.99 a year. Managed to publish my calendar online too. So all that is working out. Ok I guess that about it for now. More updates later

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