More updates

Well I am sure no one is following this, and am quite sure no one cares, but what the hell. I have updated the cartoon and the archive (not that there are too many archives) links. I am not sure if I am violating some copyright by showing those cartoons. Maybe I should check. Well anyway am not storing more than one image at any point of time on the server. I am not archiving those, so hopefully I should be ok. I am planning to add several more links, including some links to source code that I found very useful in the past / present and apps that are useful. Well all this and more soon. Do let me know what you think. Hey btw in case you didn’t notice, the entire site’s is W3C CSS compliant, and all pages except the blog are HTML 4.1 compliant. I am planning to add XHTML Strict compliance too so then you can browse my blog on the Nokia 6600 without any issues 😉

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