My sidekick and me!

Yup. I finally got myself a T-Mobile sidekick today. A great buy. Now I am truly mobile. Can browse the net anywhere (well theoretically atleast) and am always uptodate with my email. And the best part is that it has an SDK so I can write my own applications. Well not that I have done it yet, but atleast I have the opportunity to do so.
I installed Hiptalk on it so now I am online on yahoo, msn and AIM on my phone. My only complaint is that Hiptalk still doesn’t have the ‘Invisible’ mode that I have learnt to love :D. Anyway I am sure my dear friends out there will come out with that feature soon.

The sidekick

Anyway if any of you guys out there are considering a sidekick, I give it a thumbs-up. Go for it… A good deal and the internet experience on it is awesome.

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