To Buy or Not to Buy

Hmm. This will always be a question. I dunno what got into me today. I was looking at the Powerbook G4 from Apple and suddenly felt like buying one. Man those things are a piece of art. They have amazing features. Apple thinks about everything when they design their UI. Well at least I think they do. You might disagree, but in reality I think that is true. Anyway I really DO NOT need this laptop. I own an emachines M5310, that serves me well and have a desktop and another really old powerbook. But still am really tempted. And another thing that really tempts me is the tablet PC. Swami in my lab just got one, and mmm I liked it. Will be nice to walk around with that thing in my hand. Someday maybe I will buy it. But for now, I think I shall refrain.

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