Technology at its best

What would you like your cellphone to do for you? Do you want to use it only to answer calls or would you like it to do everything? I still remember those days when a cellphone meant something as huge and chunky as a cordless phone that I use at home. But now with the marvel of technology, things are improving at a rate that is hard to comprehend. The other day when I was looking through Nokia’s website, I came across this phone. It has a built in web broswer (Opera) with a 640 * 480 res, it has handwriting recognition. You can play videos, music and God only knows what else. And look at the size and the weight. Would love to own such a device, just waiting to earn enough 😉 . I love technology. Another product I am really looking forward to is OLED based monitors. I hear that with devices a screen can be made as thin as a sheet of paper and the best part is that you can actually roll it and carry it. Boom the weight of your laptop just dropped by 3 pounds. Isn’t that worth waiting for?

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