Linux – Two down!

Well seems like Redhat just gave up on the consumer market. According to this report, the CEO of Redhat thinks that Linux is not ready for the consumer yet. In a way I do agree , but at least the average user had an option of buying an OS at an affordable price and with some amount of support. Also Suse is being bought over by Novell. I don’t know what that means in terms of the life of Suse as a Linux alternative, but rumors are rife. Anyway my guess is that people who do want to try Linux will always go ahead and download it, install and try it. Hey on the flip side, I heard that there are a few beta versions of Longhorn floating around on the internet and ppl are actually installing it on their computers and trying it out. I don’t think I am that brave. I am blue screening with an official version of Windows XP and the only way out seems to be a replacement of my wireless chip. Sad… Anyway thats all for now folks. Am gonna check out Matrix tonight. And for the people who haven’t heard Neo dies! Shall update you about that in my next blog… Live life … King size (borrowed from an ad back home)

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