Corporate Addressbook – now available on the Android market

My first Android app (Corporate Addressbook) is now available on the Android market.

I wrote this app since my Nexus One lacks a feature that I really needed – a true GAL lookup. The Global Address List (GAL) lookup currently available in vanilla Android (Froyo running on my Nexus One) is quite limited in functionality. It only looks up email addresses and does not return anything more. This is quite frustrating when you are trying to look up the address book for the contact information of a colleague. The only other option was to buy Touchdown. Touchdown is a great app, however it does much more than GAL lookups. It also fetches email and does a bunch of other things that are now included in Froyo. Hence I thought it was better to write this application to meet my requirement.

This application looks up the GAL and returns ALL data that is available on the Exchange server for the query. The app uses the ActiveSync protocol to communicate with the Exchange server, and supports both Exchange 2003 and 2007.

The source for this app is available on Google Code, and is available via the Apache 2.0 license.

Download it while it is hot 🙂

Android Market

Please do let me know if you come across and bugs / issues or if you have any comments.