My Calendar using iWebCal and iCalFtp

I got my Calendar running too, thanks to a couple of really nice open source solutions. First and foremost, I use iWebCal to convert my .ics files into a nice looking html page. However there is a caveat here. The source code doesn’t work out of the box. There seem to be a few errors in the source code. However these are pretty easy to fix. Here are the changes you need to make

index.php, line 68:
modify path i.e: “../data/tagada.ics”

iwcMain.php, lines 104, 105, 106
modify with:
include “Property.php”;
include “CalItem.php”;
include “Calendar.php”;

iWebCal.php, line 35
modify with:
$ical_LOCAL_PATH = “”;

iWebCal.php, line 42
modify with:
$iWebCal_URL_PATH = “iWebCal”;

iWebCal.php, line 137
modify with:
include “iwcMain.php”;

Once this is done, it works like a charm. Then in order to publish my ics to my website, I use iCalFtp. Nifty piece of software, though all it does is publish an ics file via ftp. This is needed since iCal supports only webdav folders and my hosting service charges me for that. So that’s it. I am wondering whether to make my calendar public though, maybe I should password protect it. I will make a decision sometime soon.

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