Love Linux? Let’s see you install it on a badger

So you love Linux and swear by it. Then let’s see you install it on a dead badger. Yeah, you heard me right, a dead badger. Well turns out someone thought of it and posted detailed instructions for the same. Amazing!
Quoting from the website …
Minimum Installation Requirements:

  • one (1) pocketknife
  • one (1) screwdriver, flathead, to install Duppy card (see item 4. below)
  • computer with:
    • CD drive
    • USB, Ethernet, or a free slot for wireless networking card
    • Telnet or SSH client installed
    • cyberspiritual controller program such as FleshGolem (Mac OS X and Linux), Phranken (Windows 98, ME, 2000), or ItzaLive (Mac OS 8.1-9.x and Amiga)
  • one (1) Duppy card (available in CardBus and PCI models) or SpiritInTheSky external adapter (available in ethernet and USB models)
  • VüDü Linux (available from Twisted Faces Software)
  • minimum 3′ x 3′ (1m x 1m) fireproof surface, in secure, ventilated area
  • privacy
  • one (1) dead badger, good condition

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