Movies and a bit of face recognition

Just came back from this movie ‘Stuck on you’. A mushy movie. Not too much to my liking. A movie I am definitely looking forward to is ‘The Return of the King’ . Doe to release next Wednesday it seems to have been timed perfectly to match with the end of my semester. Well shall ring the holidays in with the King. Anyway came across this article that said that Britain is planning to introduce biometric chips in its passports. These will have face, fingerprint and maybe iris data of the individual stored on the chip. Well since I have been working on face recognition the one thing I can definitely say is that face recognition is not something that is gonna work just like that. If a person is forced to stand in front of a camera and the light, pose and several parameters are held constant, then yup it will work. But we are still quite far from the day when a camera will be able to pick put a suspect from a crowd. The systems in the Florida airport and at the Superbowl prove this point. The recently held FRVT (face recognition vendor test) gave each of the participants a 3-D model of the face. Now a 3-D model is not something that you can make in a second. It is time / processor intensive even with today’s 3Ghz + processors and definitely not real-time. Well lets see how this goes. I think that this is going to be more money thrown down the drain

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