Severn is out

Well the beta3 Core1 of Redhat Fedora Linux is out. Codenamed Severn it was released a couple of days back. Sure enough I grabbed it and installed it. Looks nice and good. There are several nice and new applications. There is a display manager that looks a lot like the display manager on windows. Also all that text that scrolls down the screen when you boot has been replaced by a graphical boot (you are provided with an option of looking at the text though). The fonts are good, unfortunately ACPI (Power management for Linux) is not installed by default. So need to recompile my kernel for that. Well hopefully with the next version the OS will ship with 2.6 kernel so the performance should be better. Haven’t yet got an opportunity to play around with it too much since I got it installed and working today morning at around 5 am. Shall post more comments soon.

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